Treadmill Maintenance

If squirting oil directly onto the treadmill belt doesn’t appeal to you, consider using the Bodyworx Treadmill Silicone Spray. Here’s why it’s a great choice:

  • 100% Silicone: This spray is pure silicone, making it odorless and free from contaminants.
  • Convenient Can: Unlike traditional oil bottles, it comes in a spray can, similar to other household sprays.
  • Easy Application: Using a spray can is often more convenient, and you’re less likely to misplace an applicator.
  • Versatile: Not only for treadmills, but it also works well for garage doors, hinges, and other items that need lubrication.

Remember, maintaining your treadmill with the right lubricant ensures smooth performance and longevity.

Regular treadmill belt lubrication is crucial, much like maintaining your car. Neglecting it can lead to various issues. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Choose the Right Lubricant:
    • Treadmill lubricants come in two forms: silicone and Teflon mixes.
    • Silicone: Looks and feels like oil. It’s a popular choice.
    • Teflon: Has an ointment-like consistency.
    • Avoid Household Oils: Never use baby oil, WD-40, or other petroleum-based substances. They can damage the belt material.
  2. Manufacturer’s Recommendation:
    • Ideally, use the lubricant recommended by your treadmill’s manufacturer.
    • Most treadmill brands offer their own line of products.
  3. Silicone Wins:
    • Silicone is preferred over Teflon by better home treadmill manufacturers.
    • It’s pure, clean, and effective.
    • Bonus: Silicone lubricants can also be handy for other household fixes.

Remember, a well-lubricated treadmill keeps things running smoothly!