My Fit Store offer a wide selection of Cable Attachments for your Home Gym or Commercial Gym applications.


Complete Your Home Gym

Cable Attachments

Looking to add to your Cable Gym or Functional Trainer? My Fit Store have a wide selection of Gym Cable Attachments to take your home gym or commercial gym to the next level. Hit different muscle groups with attachments that will complement your workout and make your workout more efficient and sometimes reducing the risk of injury. Melbourne, we have all your Gym Equipment needs under the one roof. Outside of Melbourne? We offer fast shipping Australia wide.

So Many Options!

There are Cable Attachments to help you with any exercise.

Triceps Press Down Rope

Is a great option to target the triceps and really get the arms extended and allowing you to maximise your tricep workout.

Triceps Press Down Bar 

Will be the attachment to use if your wanting to pack on the weight and build some mass. These are some examples of gym attachments that we carry.