Benefits of Skipping Ropes

Along with helping with weight loss, there are many other benefits to Skipping ropes.

Improves cardio fitness

Skipping Rope is excellent for improving your cardiorespiratory fitness. Jumping continuously for a period of time requires more blood and oxygen to be pumped to working muscles. This increases your heart rate and respiratory rate to accommodate the increased demand. Over time, this can strengthen your heart and improve your lung capacity, allowing you to exercise for longer.

Strengthens muscles

If you’re looking for an effective full-body workout, try jumping rope. The act of jumping rope relies on your lower body muscles (e.g., calves, thighs, and buttocks), upper body (e.g., shoulders and biceps), and abdominal muscles. This can not only help improve muscle strength but also your muscular endurance. This allows your muscles to exercise for longer, and increase explosive power for quick, sudden movements that are common in sports.

Builds stronger bones

Skipping rope is a high impact exercise that stresses the bones in a healthy way to make them stronger. As a person jumps, the body responds to the temporary stress on bones caused by ground reaction forces by building them back stronger and denser. Looking for skipping ropes in Australia? My Fit Store have a wide selection of skipping ropes and fitness accessories.