Start Your Rebounding Journey with JumpSport Rebounder Trampoline!

Rebounding with the Jumpsport Rebounder Trampoline effectively detoxifies the lymphatic system, pushing out toxins and exercising the body at a cellular level.

Studies have shown working out just 20 minutes on a rebounder, is like running for 30 minutes. But what is the trampoline doing for you that is just so good? Here are the top 5 benefits of rebounding that will make you want to jump up and start re-thinking the way you work out!

Cardio: Rebounding reduces blood pressure, improves circulation, oxygenates blood vessels, and strengthens the heart muscle, making it an ideal cardio workout.

Keep Your Body Young: Feel and look younger with Jumpsport by protecting joints, regenerating skin cells, exercising the brain, and strengthening the musculoskeletal system.

Wellness & Recovery: Low-impact bouncing provides a total body workout that promotes whole-body well-being and quick post-workout recovery.

Weight Loss: Trampoline workouts improve the muscle-to-fat ratio, boost metabolism, and enhance the resting metabolic rate to burn more calories.

Balance & Mental Health: Rebounding balances both body and mind by increasing stability, strengthening the inner ear muscle to improve balance, and releasing endorphins.


Keep Your Body Young

Rebounding is like a rejuvenating fountain of youth! It offers numerous benefits, including slowing down the aging process by reducing muscle atrophy. It also safeguards your joints from chronic fatigue and the impact that your body would otherwise absorb on a hard surface. Rebounding stimulates the pituitary gland, which in turn promotes bone growth - a crucial aspect for children in their developmental stage. Many people associate increased G-force with rebounding without fully understanding its benefits. In addition to the aforementioned advantages, G-force strengthens the musculoskeletal system, with the force being at its peak during jumping or when the body is weightless.

Balance & Mental Health with Jumpsport

Rebounding with Jumpsport is a great stress reliever! This exercise not only releases endorphins to energize you but also aids in better sleep. One of the key benefits of rebounding is the enhancement of mental performance. It facilitates oxygen circulation to all tissues, including your brain, which can help maintain focus for everyone in your family. Some studies suggest that children with short attention spans can regain focus and regroup by jumping on a trampoline. Rebounding also improves balance by enhancing the brain’s responsiveness to the inner ear. When you combine this with Jumpsport’s PlyoFit adapter for our fitness rebounders, you’re not just working on balance, but also strengthening your core and improving coordination.