NOHRD Wall Bars

A true gymnasium classic, the NOHRD Wall Bars come in a curved silhouette to effortlessly blend into any surrounding. The top bar’s foldout feature and attachable accessory equipment for strength, mobility and cardiovascular exercise are sure to make this a favorite allrounder in your gym space.

Effortlessly versatile and Ideal for bodyweight and coordination training. designed for both the beginner and seasoned fitness enthusiast as a tool for a more dynamic, effective workout experience. Its top foldout, retractable bar feature alone enables pull-ups and an array of bodyweight extension exercises to add immediate dimension to your training regimen.

The WallBars foldout bar is easily pulled out and clicked securely into place to enable pull-ups, chin-ups and other bodyweight, suspension training exercises.

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Wall Bars: A Versatile Fitness Tool Wall bars, also known as Swedish bars or stall bars, are a versatile piece of equipment that can be used in various settings such as gymnastics, fitness, and rehabilitation training. Structure Constructed with a vertical frame made of wood or metal, stall bars are equipped with multiple horizontal bars or rungs. These bars are evenly spaced and their overall height can vary. Exercise Range Stall bars offer a broad spectrum of exercises targeting different muscle groups. They promote flexibility, strength, and coordination. Exercises such as hanging, stretching, leg raises, pull-ups, and core strengthening can be performed using the different rungs and bars. Benefits Particularly beneficial for enhancing upper body and core strength, improving flexibility, and developing body control. They are a common tool among gymnasts, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts aiming to improve their overall physical fitness and performance. Rehabilitation Use In rehabilitation settings, stall bars aid in the recovery and strengthening of specific muscle groups. They also help improve range of motion and balance. Experience the versatility and durability of stall bars and elevate your fitness journey to new heights.