The NOHRD Slim Beam stands out with its compact design and elegant appearance, distinguishing it from other weight stack systems. This innovative upgrade to traditional cable machines features a commercial-grade weight stack with an adjustable dual cable pulley system. The SlimBeam is a versatile and multifunctional resistance training tool that allows for strength training exercises for every muscle group. It’s suitable for use in fitness studios, home gyms, and more. The SlimBeam’s weight stack consists of 15 durable rubberised weight plates, each weighing 5 kg, for a total of 75 kg.

The NOHRD Slim Beam design showcases NOHRD’s meticulous attention to detail from every angle. It’s not just about aesthetics, but also about the perfect blend of design and functionality. The SlimBeam not only enhances the visual appeal of your fitness space but also offers a dynamic platform for comprehensive functional training.

The award-winning design of the NOHRD SlimBeam reimagines the aesthetics of fitness equipment with its sleek and graceful presence. A standout piece in both commercial and home fitness environments, the SlimBeam combines a sharp, stylish design with a sleek and slender body. Made from high-quality wood and featuring a curved silhouette, the SlimBeam embodies the perfect blend of form and function.

Cable training stations have long been a staple in fitness equipment for strength training. They are relied upon by experienced physiotherapists, dedicated fitness trainers, and elite athletes for their proven effectiveness. Cable training technology turns your strength training into a precise and powerful performance. Each movement targets specific muscle groups with focused intensity, enhancing your results and pushing your limits.