Lifting Straps Australia

My Fit Store have a wide selection of Rappd Weightlifting Straps for all types of weight training.

Lifting Straps are an integral part of weightlifting, powerlifting, Olympic lifting and Functional Training. No matter your level of experience, whether you are a professional athlete or a novice, lifting straps are a must have!

With the majority of pulling exercises like bent over rows, shoulder shrugs and deadlifts. The first sign of fatigue is your grip, followed by forearm fatigue.

Using Weightlifting Straps will reduce, and in some cases eliminate forearm fatigue and grip fatigue.



Also known as figure 6s this style of strap is a good option for medium to heavy weight as the tail of the strap will wrap around the bar 2 to 3 times and will need to be wrenched tight.


Figure 8 straps are easy and quick to use as all you need to do is place your hand through one loop, feed strap under barbell and place your hand inside second loop and grip bar. Figure 8 straps are also a good choice for medium to heavy weight.


Power Grips Straps are a wrist support and lifting strap in one! The strap itself is short in design with a dowel at the end to help lock your grip in. The dowel will wedge at the base of your palm and the barbell. These straps are a good option for light to medium weight. With all straps always wrap from under not over the barbell or dumbbell.