Power Bags

Unleash your strength and elevate your workouts with our premium power bags! Designed for versatility and durability, these dynamic training tools are your ticket to a full-body workout experience. From explosive movements to functional strength exercises, our power bags deliver the perfect balance of challenge and durability. Elevate your fitness routine and conquer your goals with these high-quality power bags, trusted by fitness enthusiasts and athletes for unparalleled performance.

Benefits of Training with Power Bags If you already work out with Power Bags, then you are well on your way to becoming more fit as a result. However, if you’ve never tried Sand or Power Bags, then you’re really missing out! 1 They Offer Many Different Exercises. You can use Powerbags a number of different ways, allowing you to get a variety of workouts with just one piece of equipment. 2 They Are Quite Affordable. Sand and Powerbags sold in stores aren’t overly expensive, compared to other pieces of equipment. 3 They Build Your Performance Levels. If you are involved with sports, you can use the sandbags to mimic motions you might use in your given sport. This will help build just the right muscles, making you better at your sport as a result. 4 They Build Your Core. You need to stabilize your body to work properly with them, you will build a strong and completely impenetrable core. Your stomach and back muscles will become rock solid when you engage with the Power Bags in your workout. 5 They Give You a Great Workout. With a crossover between resistance training, medicine ball training and core stability the system incorporates all the benefits of gym based strength training with the flexibility of sport specific, rotational and throwing skills.   Visit My Fit Store in Derrimut, Melbourne for gym equipment and gym accessories, open 7 days! Near McDonald's Derrimut Village, find all your fitness needs nearby.