Macebells are one of the first weight training tools known to man.

Functional fitness trainers, athletes and fitness enthusiasts have begun incorporating Macebells into their training regime. The Macebell provides dynamic, high-intensity full body workouts that build rotational power, core strength, cardiovascular health, and more.

The weight displacement activates the vital yet often overlooked stabilizer muscles surrounding our joints. This makes the Macebell one of the most efficacious tools for building balance, coordination, and core and shoulder strength & stability.

Benefits of Macebell Training:
  1. Muscle Building and Strengthening: Macebell exercises can enhance various muscles, especially your forearm grip strength muscles, wrist muscles, core muscles, deltoids (primary shoulder muscle), and scapular muscles (muscles stabilizing the shoulder).
  2. Enhanced Coordination and Balance: The uneven weight distribution of macebells can help improve your skills in coordination and balance.
  3. Improved Shoulder Mobility: Certain macebell exercises can safely increase your shoulder mobility.
  4. Variety of Weights and Lengths: Macebells come in different weights and lengths, allowing you to select the one that suits your strength levels, body sizes, and training objectives.
  5. Calorie Burning: Macebell training can help burn a significant amount of calories.
  6. Functional Upper Body Strength: Macebell training can boost your functional upper body strength.
  7. Muscle Endurance: Macebell training can improve your muscle endurance.
  8. Explosive Power: Macebell training can help develop your explosive power.
  9. Stability and Coordination: Besides targeting muscles, macebell exercises also enhance stability and coordination by engaging the core muscles.
  10. Mindfulness: Performing macebell exercises requires focus and control for each movement, promoting relaxation and mindfulness.
Remember, it’s important to start slow, use the correct form, and gradually increase the intensity to avoid injury when engaging in any exercise regime.