Experience the Dynamics of the NOHRD Manual Treadmill

Looking for the best Curved Manual Treadmill in Melbourne? My Fit Store offers the Nohrd manual Treadmill line-up. Nohrd is manufactured in Germany and is the No.1 brand for high-end designer gym equipment.

The Manual Curved Treadmill operates on your own energy, leveraging the friction from each stride. As you move forward on the arc, the belt accelerates, intensifying your pace. To decelerate, adjust your stride back from the arc. Explore the natural rhythm and control of a Curved Manual Treadmill, enabling you to power your workout seamlessly.

Work More Muscle Groups

When you run on an arc, the muscles in each leg are activated for a longer period and greater emphasis is placed on your posterior chain muscles. “You’ll be encouraging your gluteshamstringscalves to work harder, making you a stronger runner,” explains Justin Reid-Simms, running coach and founder of Alamer Athletic

You Call the Shots

“They’re self-regulating, which means you’re in control of the speed and consistency of your workout,” he adds. No more fiddling with buttons to find your optimum speed or clamoring for the stop button because you’ve cranked the speed uncomfortably high.


Benefits of a Curved Treadmill?

Burn More Calories

Don’t expect to take it easier on a curved treadmill without your usual treadmill tech. Not only did runners work 30 per cent harder on curved, non-motorised treadmills, according to the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport, but they felt it, too. Their perceived efforts “matched the physiological data,” says Reid-Simms, “32 per cent more oxygen uptake, 16 per cent higher heart rate and a 2.5 per cent increase in cadence.”

Boost Endurance

The effort of keeping the belt moving – no matter your pace – will hike your heart rate up more than the same exercise on a standard treadmill, boosting your VO2 max (your upper limit of oxygen consumption or aerobic capacity).

Your Form Will Improve

The arc shape promotes a natural stride and ‘proper’ form by encouraging you to run on the balls of your feet, making for a softer landing and reducing any potential stress on your joints. “Curved treadmills tend to encourage a more upright posture and running position, with good landing mechanics as the foot strikes a slight incline,” explains Reid-Simms.