Looking for Air Bikes in Melbourne?

Air bikes provide a comprehensive calorie-burning experience, engaging both legs and arms, setting them apart from traditional spin bikes. By simultaneously pumping your arms and cycling with your legs, you engage in a full-body workout.

The built-in fan creates dynamic wind resistance, intensifying as you pedal harder, effectively challenging your muscles. This workout not only targets your legs but also strengthens your back, arms, abs, and obliques as you push against the resistance. Enhance your endurance by incorporating short bursts of intense pedalling. Simply secure your feet in the air bike’s pedals and embark on a high-intensity ride.

Unlike Ellipticals the Air bike gives you the option to focus on the upper and lower body, both simultaneously and independently. There is no one piece of cardio machine so comprehensive that does its all like the Air bike. The robust build quality offers a solid feel in comparison to standard exercise bikes, allowing a wider range of users and settings.

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Looking to shed excess weight?

Air bikes offer a calorie-burning powerhouse, engaging both legs and arms unlike traditional spin bikes. By combining arm pumping and leg cycling, you'll enjoy a comprehensive full-body workout. Equipped with a built-in fan, these bikes create wind resistance that increases with pedal intensity. This not only challenges your legs but also sculpts your back, arms, abs, and obliques as you push through the resistance. Boost your endurance with short bursts of high-intensity pedalling. Simply secure your feet in the air bike's pedals and start your weight loss journey with a vigorous ride.