Transform Your Fitness Routine with Premium Kettlebells

Explore a diverse range of durable kettlebells at My Fit Store. Ideal for dynamic strength training, these versatile weights offer a multitude of exercise options. Elevate your workouts with our top-quality kettlebells for effective and varied fitness routines.



There are many size variations of kettlebells and they range from mainly 4kg all the way to 50kg plus. One of the biggest reasons they are so effective is because of their structure, often feeling heavier than a traditional dumbbell due to their centre of gravity. They are very effective in improving strength and balance.


Competition kettlebells are universally colour-coded to signify the different weights. Competition kb's are all the same size regardless of weight, which means they are ideal for practicing highly technical movements. This means that whether you are using a 6 kg or 30kg kb, it will always rest on your forearm in the exact same place. The handles are also all uniform. Looking for kettlebells in Melbourne? My Fit Store have a wide range of options in stock. Shop online 24/7 or come visit our store located in Derrimut, Melbourne Victoria. Open 7 day a week! Visit My Fit Store in Derrimut, Melbourne for gym equipment and gym accessories, open 7 days! Near McDonald's Derrimut Village, find all your fitness needs nearby.