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Functional Training Weight Options

My Fit Store carry a variety of weights for more functional movements like Indian Clubbells, Macebells and Kettlebells. Unsure of what weights will be most suited to your goals and needs? Ask one of our experienced staff and we will guide you in the right direction. Start your fitness journey today at My Fit Store.


Benefits of weight training

Resistance training, also known as strength training or weight training, involves using resistance to contract muscles and achieve several fitness goals. Let’s break it down:
  1. Principle of Resistance: Muscles work against a resistance force during contraction. Repeated and consistent resistance training leads to muscle strength improvement.
  2. Benefits of Strength Training:
    • Joint Function: Strength training enhances joint function.
    • Bone Density: It contributes to bone health.
    • Muscle, Tendon, and Ligament Strength: Strengthening these structures is crucial.
    • Aerobic Exercise: Combine strength training with aerobic workouts for overall fitness.
    • Heart and Lung Fitness: Aerobic exercises improve cardiovascular health.
    • Flexibility and Balance: Include exercises that enhance flexibility and balance.
  3. Guidelines:
    • Frequency: Adults should engage in muscle-strengthening activities at least two days a week.
    • Progressive Variation: Change your resistance training program every six to eight weeks to maintain progress.
    • Variables Impacting Results:
      • Sets
      • Repetitions
      • Exercises
      • Intensity (weights used)
      • Rest between sets
Remember, consistency and variety are key. Adapt your program to keep those strength gains coming!