Ankle Straps

10 Benefits Of Using Ankle Straps

  1. Ankle Straps are compatible with any cable machine.
  2. Cable Kickbacks
  3. Compatible with resistance tubes
  4. Cable Lateral Lunges.
  5. Standing Cable Hamstring Curl.
  6. Lying Cable Hamstring Curls
  7. Cable Crunches
  8. Cable Hip Abductors
  9. Standing Cable Leg Extensions
  10. Inner Thigh Contractions

Are you looking to buy Ankle Straps in Australia?

My Fit Store Carry a range of Straps compatible for both resistance tubes and cable machines.

If you are wanting to attach your straps to your functional trainer at the gym or at your home gym, we recommend the Rappd Straps as they have a thick heavy duty Velcro close and heavy duty webbing.