Why should you wear a weight lifting belt?

This question has been highly debated over the years. There really is no right or wrong, it’s totally a matter of personal opinion and what support you feel your body needs.

Weight lifting belts are generally recommended to use when your exerting yourself and lifting weight that is testing your limits. Another view is that you should not only wear a weight belt/training belt when pushing heavy weight, but to also use a belt when you are feeling fatigued, as injuries can occur when you are tired and complacent.

How to wear a weight belt?

Weight belts are generally worn around your naval and buckled firmly but not too tight.

Whilst exhaling you should be pushing out with your stomach against the belt, as you are pushing or pulling weight. This will give your core the support needed to safely lift the desired weight, importantly always using the correct form.

Which weight belt should I purchase?

There are many different types of weight lifting belts / training belts, from the traditional tapered leather belt to the neoprene belt, both available in 2 widths 4″ & 6″. Then you have Powerlifting belts which are only available on one width, 4″ end to end.

There are quite a few variables when it comes to choosing a belt… What kind of training are you doing and body type.

With functional training or CrossFit, you would lean toward using a neoprene training belt, as this style belt is made with a more forgiving material, giving you the mobility needed for your functional movements.

If you are quite tall you will find that the 6″ width belt will feel more suited to you, as this belt will give you more coverage around your waist.

Bodybuilders and weight lifters are more inclined to use the tapered leather weight belts. These belts are securely locked into place with a buckle giving you maximum security and confidence with your heavy lifting.

If you are Powerlifting you will lean toward using a powerlifting belt.

These belts are  a minimum 10mm thick and will offer superior support. The downside is that you will have limited mobility and not as comfortable as the neoprene or tapered leather belts.

At My Fit Store, we carry a wide range of lifting belts to suit your needs. We have a retail showroom located in Derrimut, Melbourne.

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