Aerobic Step

Looking for an Aerobic Step In Australia?

An Aerobic step will work your body however you want it to.  The possibilities are endless!

You can use a step for cardio, toning or workouts that do both.

There are SO MANY exercises you can do using a step.

PRO TIP If you’ve never worked out on an exercise platform before its recommended to start with light weights. Also start off with no risers in place the first few times you do any moves holding dumbbells.

You can do isolation exercises like static lunges. (Doing a single-leg lunge in place with your back foot on the step and dumbbells held in each hand) or step-ups.

Today aerobic steps are incorporated into almost every fitness style.

You’ll see an exercise step used for high-intensity interval (HiiT) training, plyometric exercises, low-impact circuits, weight training (sculpting and toning with dumbbells) and traditional step aerobics.