Different Types of Exercise Bikes

Different Types of Exercise Bikes

Exercise bikes can be a powerful form of cardio whether you are looking for a new bike for your home, or a commercial exercise bike for your fitness studio.

An exercise bike can make an easy addition to weekly workout routine. Whether you are looking for a quick high intensity workout or slower steady state workout that you can do while watching TV. There are four different styles of exercise bikes.

Upright Bikes

These bikes are a popular piece of cardio equipment in Australian homes. The upright exercise bike is easy to use and very comfortable. When using this bike your riding position will be upright unlike spin bikes where you lean forward over the handlebars.  An upright bike can be used for long periods of time at relatively low intensity. Which makes it suitable if you want to be able to watch TV while you’re on it.

Spin Bikes

These bikes are a great option for someone looking for high intensity cardio training. Spin bikes generally use a heavier flywheel and heavier frame, allowing you to stand and pedal at higher speeds. Some spin bikes come with companion apps, allowing you to participate in a high intensity spin class from home. So, if you are looking for an exercise bike where you can pedal to the beat of your favourite song, this one’s for you.

Recumbent Exercise

Recumbent bikes are like an upright bike in performance. The main difference is the seating position. Your feet are in front of you, as opposed to below your body and the recumbent bike is considerably heavier, with a heavier user weight rating. One of the best parts features of a recumbent bike is that there is no impact making them great for people who are injured or in recovery.

Air Bikes

Lastly air bikes are great for people looking for a high intensity workout in a short amount of time. Air bikes use your arms and legs to move the bike. And unlike the previously mentioned bikes, air bikes don’t have adjustable resistance but be assured this won’t stop you from having an intense workout.

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